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About Us?

A typical About Us section contains details which many organisations arent. We are however very different. Who are we? A holacratic organization, 9 permanent staff members, working across 4 time zones, experts in their domains, and the passion for great work.

Why are we who we are? Small and Medium businesses need automation to survive. We provide the strategy and frameworks to allow them to thrive. We have done it for our clients in three continents. Its all about making the best choice from amongst plenty.

How we work? No fuss – Just work and efficient implementation.

Why are we successful? We are willing to take the extra next step – with you.

Schedule a session to discuss possibilities. They are endless…

Success Rate

Working as one unit with our clients is an imperative to the commitment to great business outcomes. We know from experience that the best results come from collaboration and constructive feedback. Challenging ideas is welcomed and celebrated. Our culture is reflected in our name- Unique.

Our actions and outcomes do the talking. We’re not afraid to focus on winning – even if it means we break a few rules. That also takes humility, so we’re constantly striving for more, upskilling and developing. We know that the Digital Matrix is evolving and we intend to remain at the Core where the revolution is happening.

We are Data Inspired. We use data, in evefry way feasible, to tell a story. That means actionable insights, two-way feedback and truly measurable goals. We’re also constantly refining what we know and simplifying what we have, so every decision is backed up by real understanding.

  • Strategy Success 99% 99%
  • WordPress Integration 84% 84%
  • CRM Implementation 76% 76%
  • UnMAP Orientation 90% 90%