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Marketing Automation is the cornerstone of marketing efforts the world over today. Years ago, automated marketing would mean being able to send pre-programmed emails or scheduling social media posts; now marketing technology has made it possible for you to build an entire relationship with your prospects or customers in an automated way. This has dramatically changed today.Marketing automation is an inclusive term today and it includes landing pages, marketing workflows and lead nurturing programmes, list segmentation, lead scoring, CRM integration and social media automation. With the right technology and the right implementation, this can be a powerful ‘back end’ to your marketing – you drive website visitors with content and traffic strategies, and then the marketing automation kicks in to convert those visitors into sales or sales-ready leads.
Many business owners have revealed that by simply automating their marketing, they have improved their ROI and drastically lowered costs. A better ROI is a result of automated marketing because it allows business owners the time to nurture any leads, which can increase customer numbers. Marketing automation tools can also tell a business owner which campaigns are most efficient, resulting in more capital saved.

How Marketing Automation Works

This is just one example of how a company could use Marketing Automation to nurture leads and build their pipeline. Because of the customizable nature of Marketing Automation, the possibilities are endless.

Prospect reaches website through a search engine campaignThey end up on a page about a white paper that interests them. The content is gated, meaning they have to fill out a form to download it. Prospect registers to download the white paperThe prospect provides their contact info and a lead is created. The website places a unique cookie on their computer that identifies them every time they visit the website. We are now tracking them.

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