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We fully take care of all digital marketing activities for our Real Estate Clients.

We ensure seamless Real Estate Automation.

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Website Development

Your first call to knowing your client. YOu absolutely MUST have a profile that reflects your persona. Help us get you the correct one.

Marketing Mix

You want to fix your marketing channel, but don't have the time or the resources to get that done. Unokha comes to your support. Leave it to us. We have done it for over 15 BIG real estate Agents and Brokers in the last 3 years. You are in safe hands.

CRM Management

There are over 150 CRMs there and which one should you use. Its a complex decision and we come in to support. A CRM of your choice, to suite your business needs and suuportyour business processes. Unokha way.


You would have felt that your message is not going to the intended clients. Fret not. We can come in and use the best practices we honed over the last decade plus to ensure that your message is sent across to people and you can measure where the $ is going.

Redesign and Refine

You have a website, have a calling agent to support you in your busy schedule, but you are still missing something. It's the ether that glues all this together. We come in, map your present processes, identify and isolate the voids and then the magic begins. You get better conversion rates, and your clients are happy. You are happy.

One Partner - All Tasks

I need somebody to fully take care of my website and make my phone ring again. We are there to assist you in EXACTLY that.

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What We Do Different To Achieve Results?

Start With Strategic Plan

  1. Understand how your potential customers search for your services and make decisions
  2. Understand what exactly your competitors are doing now
  3. Understand what works, what must be improved and which marketing channels and directories will never work for you. Start tracking all calls and stop wasting money
  4. Create unique selling proposition and a buyers journey on your website for your potential clients (what you will tell them when they come to you)
  5. Understand what are the best tactics to attract customers and convert them into phone calls on a short- and long-term period based on your budget and resources