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Purchased Infusionsoft (Keap) and don’t know what to do next. 

If you haven’t seen significant improvements in your sales within the first three months of using Infusionsoft from Keap then something isn’t right. Its time to rethink your CRM strategy and get some clear and functional ideas about how best to integrate the CRM into your business processes.

Businesses join the Infusionsoft bandwagon and get sold on the exciting CRM journey, but are clueless on what to do next after they make a purchase. New adoptees of Infusionsoft tend to treat the CRM just like a mailing engine. That, is a shame. Infusionsoft is MUCH more than just an emailing engine. Its a beast, that can change the fortunes of your business.

When you adopt Infusionsoft from Keap, ask yourself some fundamental questions.

  • What should be your campaign strategy?
  • What about the tagging structure?
  • Is the structure I am planning scalable?
  • How would I create the reporting Dashboards?
  • What are the metrics I should be seeing in my dashboard? Does Infusionsoft provide those metrics in an easy way for me to see?
  • Can I make voice calls or send text messages using the system?
  • Can I integrate Infusionsoft with my Gmail account and receive notifications?
  • Do I need a separate landing page software to work with Infusionsoft?

If you do not clarify the answers to these queries, the chances are you’re only end up using 10% of what Infusionsoft has to offer – and thats a shame. When you’re a small business every little improvement to marketing automation, efficiencies and processes, can have a significant return on investment.

Plan for Success With Infusionsoft, Not Just Fancy Looking Campaigns!

Click for a FREE, No obligation,  one-hour strategy session on how to utilize your Infusionsoft instance.  

Infusionsoft Specialists

We live and breath Infusionsoft and can provide you a holistic marketing and operations automation solution.

Marketing Strategists

We look at your whole business and model the best possible sales funnel that suits your business. We then program it to suit your business.

Your Success Partner

We won’t leave you stranded because your success is our success. We offer full implementation and accountability reviews.

Infusionsoft Consulting Kickstarter

Our first engagement will start here.
  •  One-hour coaching calls to review your business goals. Analysis of what has been achieved so far and how you need Unokha’s help is the main agenda for this session.
  • Business process and marketing automation strategic review because there’s more to your business than just the CRM.
  • A campaign planned out for you based on the business process described during the session.
  • Plan the dashboard setup for you to see exactly what’s happening inside the business process.

If you found value in working with Unokha, you can continue by picking one of the offers/options, or hourly engagement plans. We also move into a consultant role

Unokha’s Infusionsoft (Keap) Service Portfolio

Infusionsoft Implementation

Setup, Cleanup and Implementation – If you’re new to Keap, we’ll get you up and running quickly with complete setup and implementation. If you want to maximize your current account, we can do that, too, with cleanup, organization and more.

Automated Sales Funnels – An automated sales funnel nurtures your customers through each stage of the marketing/sales process, warming up cool leads and even letting you know which leads are hot … so you can contact them directly!

Email Marketing Campaigns – Keep your brand in front of your customers with email marketing campaigns. We do it all – from strategy and content to design and development.

Infusionsoft Training
Infusionsoft can revolutionize the way you do business, but first, you and your team needs to know how to use it! Prashant at Unbokha has trained over 30 clientsin becoming self sufficient in managing their instance. Unokha trainers understand that you’re busy running a business – so they get right to the heart of what YOU need to know to get the most out of your Infusionsoft from Keap app.
Infusionsoft Campaigns

Companies that use marketing automation see a 451% increase in qualified leads per Gartner. Do you have the strategy o make this happen though?

What about content and designs and what and when to send?

Our templated campaigns  provide all the content you need that is completely customizable, so you can add your business logo and personal details.

Our business-specific templated campaigns include:

  • Doctors
  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • Speakers
  • Webinar Specialists
  • Gymnasiums
  • Accounting Firms
  • Health and Energy Experts
  • Tutors
  • and many more
Infusionsoft Cleanup
You have been using the instance and it appears slow and is a pain to work with. Time to get it cleaned up and NOT lose your sleep over it. Unokha can help. Its a spring clean or sorts. Deep, intricate and done-for-you. 
Blacklisted Service Restoration
You were not advised correctly or just had a bad day with your email campaigns and your account;s email sending ability has been stopped. Fret not, we may be able to help and restore it to its original glory. Its tough, but we have done it for over 15 clients in the last 6 months. Those who followed our advise, were spared the expense the next time and lived happily sending emails every after 🙂