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Rollie Nation



Rollienation is a WordPress site backed by Infusionsoft by Unokha Limited!

Rollie Nation has one of the most colorful and vibrant websites in the premium shoe industry. Unokha supported Rollie Nation is managing their email campaign by integrating their existing email sequences with Infusionsoft and making the amazing an colorful email come to life. The change was dramatic, to say the least. Unokha worked with the CTO and the CEO of Rollie Nation to make sure that the pixel perfect emails are delivred time, and in the requisite quality needed by premium clients. The content team at Rollie Nation is known for their innovative designs and vibrant color use. Unokha used its experience of managing the CRM end of things to make sure that the entire customer lifecycle is managed appropriately and relevant report points and touch points are covered.

Rollie Nation was Launched in 2012, a few successful years down the track, Rollies are now being sold in leading stores in 11 countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Netherlands, Germany, Dubai, UK, and the USA.

The innovation behind the mechanics of the shoe is only the beginning, the real magic lies in the way you feel when wearing a pair–on-trend, light and comfortable. With a mention by WGSN as ‘Brand to Watch in 2016’, we are part of something big. We are part of a nation. We are Rollie Nation.

If you wish to have Infusionsoft support for your website for a similar brand, feel free to contact us.