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UnMAP – Unique Marketing Automation Plan

How We Make It Work For You

We start with the first step – Identify, Assess and then plan on Implementation. We work together – and create a unique automation plan with you – the UnMAP. This session with you – on Skype or in person is a guided session, where we act as a Guide for your sales and marketing plan in a reverse learning environment/experience. You explain your pain points and we debate on how to make those pains go away. We take way all the Techy Stuff and talk PURE marketing and Sales. The objective is to make your business outcomes come out clear in the most achievable way feasible. No techy stuff – promise!

 What is a UnMAP?

The UnMAP is a 1 hour – no hold barred, FREE session between the two parties – you and us – where we discuss everything that you aspire for from your business and explore the options. It’s a stepped process and we attempt at learning your current strategies and aligning them with modern marketing and sales strategies.

The result is likely to be a more streamlined and predictable flow of clients, without the hassles of running from pillar to post. We believe that repeat clients come when we can measure the client’s journey and find the ideal touch points. Automation of your business processes need a similar template – measurable and identifiable journey of a customer.

UnMAP helps you to take a step towards the state of measurable client interaction.

Create a Roadmap

The UnMAP is a documented, visual representation of your present marketing automation state and highlights the intended way ahead. It reflects what you have and what are the voids that need filled so you can optimize your marketing and sales efforts. Your UNMAP outlines exactly what you want to have and by when it needs to happen – to ensure your business outcomes are acheived.

Identifies Voids

The essence of a UnMAP is to identify voids and discuss the strategy to plug them. It also indicates the effort matrix and where you need to do things better and where you need to consolidate on what you are already doing well.

Prioritize the Activities

UnMAP assist you in prioritizing your effort based on your immediate as well as long term needs. We move in to recommend the best way to highlight the strengths of your brand and cover the present voids. The UnMAP also assists you in honing your internal marketing and sales skills and acts as a Beacon document for the future.


UnMAP allows you a peek into functional strategy of conceptualizing and implementing a modern Marketing and Sales system. You handle the business and Unokha handles the technology and implementation.

Results of a UnMAP Session

  • A document that is customized for your business’s sales and marketing needs.
  • A blueprint of sorts to enhance/initiate or optimize the efforts you already put in.
  • An effort matrix that indicates the Who/What/By Whom and for Whom of the marketing and sales plan.
  • A tentative cost matrix which can allow you have a glimpse of what it entails to achieve your stated business objectives.

Having completed the one hour UNMAP strategy session, we create for you a blueprint document we call a UNMAP. This document is a visual representation of the steps and processes you need to implement to create your new modernised marketing system.

Your MAP document outlines our unique methodology which we recommend to make sure that your modern marketing system is implemented in an effective manner.

It provides the timeline for each stage of the implementation, so you know exactly what will be done, by when, and who is responsibe for each tasks.

The Next Step

At the end of the UnMAP session, one of several alternatives can be chosen :
1. Accept Risk – You decide to accept the inherent risk to business as usual and do Nothing. Not recommended, but entirely possible….
2. Share Risk – You decide to share the risk with us and we come into the scene and start to put across a prioritized plan with an appropriate effort matrix and responsibility matrix. We take on the implementation and techy stuff, which we are experts in, and you handle the face to face stuff.
3. Transfer Risk – You decide to transfer risk to us and we move in full time to manage the marketing for you. We strategize and we implement. We become your Marketing Department of sorts.

Do It Yourself

You love the plan and decide to implement it on your own. If this is the case, we’ll wish you the best of luck and ask that you keep in touch with us to let me know how you’re doing.

Engage Unokha

You love the plan. You know what implementing it will mean for you, and want us to implement it for you and your business.

Not Proceeding

You like what’s been done, however for what ever reason you wish not to proceed.

Who is this for ?

This plan is for you if you starting out your journey in the big bad business world, or you are already established and need to move on to the fast track, or want to reset the business. We cover all bases. You however need to have :

  1. The passion to propel your business.
  2. A person/department/point of contact who can be accountable for the queries we raise – and believe us – we do raise a lot of them.
  3. A business idea of your own – we work for you and not a group of people debating and discussing endlessly with no decision. We actually dump client.
  4. The passion to become an engaging and challenging client. We love people who throw intellectual challenges across to us and we thrive in solving them.

If you are OK with status quo – we are NOT the people to engage with.